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  • Collaborative Divorce

    Collaborative Divorce is a non-adversarial approach that is designed to meet the needs of all parties without ramping up negative emotions. Collaborative Divorce keeps at the forefront not just what the divorce process does to family but what its long-term effects are after the divorce is finalized. It also keeps the parties out of the court room until the day of having the court put the agreement in place and finalizing the divorce.

    Collaborative Divorce uses the team approach and may include the use of financial advisors, coaches (who are mental health professionals), and/or child specialists. Your lawyer is still your advocate and works for you; the major difference between traditional divorce and Collaborative Divorce is the desire to work together and the team approach. All the professionals in a Collaborative Divorce, including the attorneys, have received special training in this method.

    While it might appear that such a divorce would be more expensive, it normally is not as the non-lawyer specialists usually charge less than lawyers and do some of the work which would be done by the lawyers with the cost for the non-lawyers shared by the parties. In the rare instance of an impasse the professionals used in the collaborative divorce may not be used in the same adversarial case; this ensures a level of trust and cooperation during the collaborative process.

    Every divorce has its own specific nuances which must be honored and evaluated. If you are considering getting divorced I strongly encourage you to see if Collaborative Divorce will work for you.

    Many attorneys claim to practice collaborative law but are not trained in it so they do not fully know how to practice it. Attorney Balter has received extensive training in Collaborative Law.

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